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Has content marketing become too complicated and multi-channel?

Back when I started building a small business brand, the main thing people meant when they talked about content creation was having a blog.

Okay, no problem - for me anyway, as writing came naturally, and it was a great way to tell human stories about the work, and connect with a prospective audience.

Social media came along soon after that, but this was mainly a written function too, back in the day. Though we soon added photos, even though that meant using a different device to take them, then upload… 📸

It’s hardly surprising that a lot of us stopped there, because as freelancers and solopreneurs we have to fit our content marketing - in fact, all of our marketing - into a narrow slice of our day. We also have to squeeze in our admin, our business development, and making the coffee, while also leaving time for our core billable activities.

How on earth could we contemplate adding in even MORE stuff to do? Even though the message about social media seems to be show up, be visible, be everywhere… even when there’s only one of you.

More and more networks, less and less time 🤦🏻‍♀️

It has to be about return on investment, and finding out what works for you.

For me, writing and podcasting both make sense, but as regular readers will know, for me the Future Is Freelance podcast was originally a client gig.

In all honesty, I was not seeking a new channel for communicating with potential clients and collaborators, that would demand committing to a regular publication schedule, arranging interviews, learning audio editing, and paying for hosting… it’s a lot of work!

But this week’s guest Steph Fuccio was a refreshing reminder of just how worthwhile it is to podcast as a solopreneur, and what a valuable element of your content creation strategy it can be:

“Solopreneurs, who are really looking for not just someone who needs your service, but somebody who's a good personality fit, a good energetic fit. Then when you look at podcasting and the voice, even when it's video, podcasting, is still voice-driven and our personalities are in our voices, our energy, our, our how we are as a person is in our voice.
And so, there is a beautiful intimacy that happens, that really serves a solopreneur. When you use a podcast as part of your marketing for your solopreneur venture, what you're doing is you're changing your discovery calls from Will I work with you to? to How will I work with you? 
It just gets you there to that connection point quicker.”

I learned such a lot from talking to Steph. And it was such fun talking to someone so enthusiastic and excited about possibilities, we laughed such a lot! (I didn’t even try to edit out all the laughter.)

But despite the laughter we went pretty deep on the important stuff that every solo operator needs to consider, about blending audio (and video) into their content marketing strategy.

Steph’s work is also a beautiful example of how you can create a truly unique niche for yourself, by going vertically into the place where your passion and skillset and a market need truly coincide. I love freelancers who have carved out a space to own, that most people would never even think existed.

Podcasting support for solopreneurs - is that narrow? Hell yes!

Too narrow? Definitely not!

If you were launching a podcast tomorrow, would you want to work with a generalist, who knew podcasting stuff really well, and worked with all different kinds of businesses?

Or would you choose one who really lived and understood and cared about the solo space, with its unique pain points and objectives, and had bespoke packages built around exactly what you need?

It’s obvious really.

Steph even inspired me to think seriously about upping my game to the next level, and publishing video as well. I mean, I already do - but she meant as part of my podcasting strategy, and actually being intentional and consistent about it!

So (literally) watch this space, because who knows what will be coming your way next. It might even be my face.

Have a great weekend,

Maya Middlemiss