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When the rubber hits the road, are you even an independent entrepreneur?

Beyond impostor syndrome, to a relaunched podcast

Hands up, anybody who’s ever experienced impostor syndrome?

That sense that you’re simply not good enough, and everyone can see that. The lurking lurch in the guts that, just maybe, you’re about to be exposed to the world for your complete lack of talent, a mere recipient of luck and blind chance, for the life and career you have built for yourself…

Amanda Palmer describes it beautifully in The Art of Asking, how we all live in secret fear of The Fraud Police - those guys you dread kicking your door down in the middle of the night with a loud hailer:

“We’ve been watching you, and we have evidence that you have NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE DOING. You stand accused of the crime of completely winging it, you are guilty of making shit up as you go along, you do not actually deserve your job, we are taking everything away, and we are TELLING EVERYBODY.”

Busted, and bang to rights.

I was coaching someone recently on the brink of embarking on a full time freelance career, and held back by this very fear - far more so than leaving behind a reliable salary, it was the fear of personal exposure, and losing the anonymity of being a small cog in a big brand wheel. He is already building high-level thought leadership in his niche, but he has permission and a platform from an employer right now. Going solo is a different story.

And I get it, 100%. Even though casting my mind back to the decision to go freelance myself almost 6 years ago, I can honestly say that desperation/lack of choice is one way to defy the Fraud Police. When you have no other choice you take the risk anyway, and when you’re at rock bottom, there’s nowhere further to fall.

Leaving a place of safety is not an easy option, even when you know the growth can only happen once you take that leap.

Today, I am so grateful to be far from rock bottom - yet still, they come a knocking sometimes, and put you on the spot, those darned Fraud Cops.

They turn up out of the blue, and say things like:

“You’ve got a podcast about freelancing… but you’re doing it with financial support of a successful company, with all the backing of their PR and marketing departments… that’s not exactly freelance content creation, is it? You big old impostor, you!”

You ignore them. You know deep down they haven’t got a warrant, and that actually you’re collaborating with a wonderful brand who are doing amazing work to support and empower freelancers worldwide. Seriously, what is the problem here?

And then things change, and you have to back that up. Roll with new circumstances, put some skin in the game, and make it real.

So, from today onwards, the Future is Freelance podcast is truly independent. Following a wonderful and mutually rewarding collaboration with Xolo in Estonia, from here on in, it’s a truly solopreneur endeavour.

I would have felt like a total impostor, if I did not try to make this work independently.

New branding, new intros, new learning for me… Heck, even new fonts! But still the same themes of future of work, borderless business, remote collaboration, solopreneur success, and global citizenship.

I hope you will join me, to embrace the future of the Future Is Freelance!

Listening to the podcast, liking it, subscribing, sharing, rating, reviewing… These are all ways you can support the new era for this show. And of course, if you would like to discuss content, being a guest, being a sponsor, event coverage - do hit me up. There is no limit to what we can achieve together!

I am still working with Xolo to create content about their superb product, and what’s more, I am still a very happy customer of theirs - for 5 years now, Xolo Leap has been my business portal and virtual office partner in Estonia. I cannot recommend them more highly, to any freelancer or solopreneur who just wants to get on and do their thing while minimising paperwork, admin, and all business ops friction. If you love spreadsheets and stress, don’t talk to Xolo! But for everyone else, check them out.

And while the podcast will retain an international focus - because without borders means just that - I do want to connect some themes more closely to Remote Work Spain in future, and feature more case studies and inspiration close to my physical home there.

While always remaining closely associated with my digital home of Estonia, of course.

Without borders. Without limits.

It’s going to be an amazing ride - please join me!

With very best wishes,
Maya Middlemiss